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My Legacy

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I am so excited to share with you a little more about who I am!

My name is Teodora Tinc but you are most welcome to call me Teo or T.

Though I live in Melbourne with my fiance Ian and our little ragdoll kitten Alaska, I have a quirky little accent that somehow sounds South African, even though I've only ever lived in Romania, NZ and Australia.

I'm obsessed with all things linen, beautiful stationery, nature adventures, cold coffee and wearing my heart on my sleeve, in hope that others will do the same.

My biggest dream? To live an empowered life, collect heartfelt friendships, whimsical stories and photographs that capture the soul.


Teodora Tinc Photography


Intimate, soulful and emotive photography for heartfelt lovers and whimsical families.



The journey to finding my calling and crafting my brand has been long and windy. But there is one thing that has always been there, and that is my constant search for love. Love is what drives me and most importantly what has connected me to my heart, my wonderful clients who I am so blessed to call friends and to the stories that have changed my life. 

I am so proud to have crafted a photography experience for couples and families where being who are they truly are is all that matters. My dream is to inspire and empower them to celebrate their stories, to foster their legacies and capture the genuine, natural yet meaningful moments of love that will always connect them back to their heart. The photographs we capture are only a part of the experience. Crafting, capturing and cherishing their legacy is truly the core of it.



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