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Your heart is in the perfect place. You want to impact people’s lives for the better and you wholeheartedly love and believe in doTERRA. You’ve spent hours upon hours learning how these beautiful oils can empower our wellbeing and you understand that in order to give more, you need to have more. So growing your business and sharing the power of the oils is vital for living your dream and your mission. 

I hear you, and I want to help you by creating beautiful and inspiring photographs, that will elevate your message every single time. We live in such a visually saturated world and standing out with professional and consistent images is vital in order to have our message heard. 


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Hello! I’m, Teo

A wellness obsessed, lifestyle photographer living my legacy in Melbourne, Australia.

My love for Doterra has led me to embark on a new journey to help wellness advocates like yourself share the powerful impact of essential oils.

As a wellness content creator, my vision is to create simple and organic photographs with earthy & soulful tones that portray an inspiring lifestyle of wellness & simplicity.



How I can help you…

soulful & earthy dōTERRA Photography

Every single month I will be creating beautiful and professional photographs of our beloved doTERRA oils

and uploading them to my One Drop Designs profile for YOU to download!

All you need to do is subscribe to a One Drop account to access unlimited downloads of all doTERRA resources!


 Need a little Inspiration?

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Want to elevate your brand further?

Let’s have a chat about how we can create a personalised set of professional photographs to add to your collection.

• Emotive Portraits of yourself and your team

• Authentic images from your workshops

• Personalised supporting images

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Tania Morgan Teodora Tinc Photography

tania morgan

- essential element

My business has been COMPLETELY blessed simply by the presence of the beautiful, natural and intentional images created by Teo Tinc.

I have peace of mind that the catalogue of photographs available cover the interests (and needs) of my DoTERRA community and I am able to professionally present my knowledge and gifts to new customers with such speed and ease!

I am so grateful and always am complimented on the style! I’m never going back to my own iPhone snaps!!



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