Meaningful Father's Day Gift Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but finding a worthy gift for someone you love immensely can sometimes feel impossible. So in preparation for Father’s Day I thought I’d get in early and explore a few meaningful gift ideas that perhaps express a little more love than another pair of socks!

Firstly, what I love about celebrations such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is that the simplest acts of gratitude, recognition and appreciation are truly the most meaningful. So by shifting the perspective from ‘I don’t know what they want’ to ‘how can I express my gratitude and appreciation’ we no longer have to rely on what Westfield has on offer.

Here are 7 ideas to get you inspired! (p.s. none of these are sponsored, I just seriously love these people!)

A Meaningful Experience

Honestly, nothing beats spending quality time together as a family. You could plan an adventure or activity he loves and simply be present as a family, creating new memories doing the things you love! If you do get a little stuck, one of my favourite places to book incredible and meaningful experiences is Amazing Co. They have family mystery picnics, home cooking nights, backyard movie nights and sooo much more!

Printed Memories

I genuinely believe that printing memories is one of the beautiful ways to celebrate and cherish time spent together. It shows you value those times shared and love being reminded of them every day.

  • Print a photobook in which you could also write little notes and messages

  • Print loose photos and make your own album

  • Print your favourite photo(s) on wood or stone! Yes! You actually can do that and it looks awesome!

Personalised Gift

Instead of just browsing the same old mainstream shops, why not explore what local, smaller brands have to offer! One of my favourite online shops is Alro and Co. They have an amazing range of personalised and seriously amazing gift ideas.

Something Hand Made

Get creative and make something! Even if it looks terrible, it’s the thought and effort that counts :D I created a board on Pinterest with a few ideas to get you started.

Jar of …

Ok I know it sounds weird (and yes I did make it up) but hear me out! Get an empty jar and fill it with little notes or lists!

Here are some ideas:

  • Our Bucket-list - adventures you want to have together

  • Reasons Why I Love You

  • Memories I Never Want To Forget

  • Reasons Why You’re The Best Dad In The World

  • Gratitude

Keepsake Journal

I came across an amazing lady Kate through the Slow Home Podcast and I instantly fell in love with the special and meaningful journals she creates. Check them out!

Family Story Photoshoot

Because let’s be honest, men loveee photoshoots haha. Family Story Sessions are more about spending a couple of hours doing something genuinely fun that the family loves, and just I tag along and document the memories. Beautifully simple and deeply meaningful.

And in celebration of Father’s Day I’m excited to gift a $250 Discount Voucher + a Bamboo Desk Frame to all Family Sessions booked in August and September (the session can be any time after). Click Here to get in touch!

Hope these little nuggets of inspiration help you get inspired to create something meaningful for the special dads in your life :)

Much Love,


Teodora Tinc