Plastic Free July!

Teodora Tinc Photography Plastic Free July.jpg

I am so excited to discover #plasticfreejuly! What an amazing opportunity to make small yet vital changes in our every day life to create a big change in our world! As someone who is passionate about conscious and sustainable living, I am so excited to take on this challenge! I can think of a million ways I could replace my single plastic use habits, and in fact, feel a bit ashamed I haven’t made the changes already.

So here’s my game plan. This July I will begin focusing on:

- REDUCING plastic in my life.
- RECYCLING things properly. Stop being lazy.
- REPLACING items that I would normally buy/accept in plastic (eg glad wrap which we JUST ran out of)
- REUSING items. Get creative! And check out Savers more often

I truly believe that in order to turn this challange into a life long change I need to take it slow. I will begin by analysing my habits and taking action in the moment (if possible). Then slowly over time, adjust more and more to living a plastic free, sustainable and conscious lifestyle!

I can't wait to see just how many ways I can impact the world in a beautiful way, starting today.

Teodora Tinc