I Choose An Empowered Life

Teodora Tinc.jpg

Last Thursday will be a day I will never forget. MAY 31st 2018 was the day when I chose to change my life.

It was the day when the deep desire to live out of love rather than fear finally erupted. It was the day when I screamed at the top of my lungs "I’ve had enough. I am ready to change”. "I am ready to truly live."

If there is any truth in this world, it’s that truly “living” looks completely different for every single person, yet we wait to be influenced by everyone around us to guide our life. But I believe that eventually the truth shines through, like it did for me.

All the answers we are searching for are inside of us. We are the inspiration, the leader, the role model that we are searching for. We have all the strength and all the love we need to live a deeply powerful, meaningful and inspired life.

No one will give us that. We have to show up and support ourselves. We have to love ourselves more the anyone else ever could. We have to empower ourselves.

The world we live in is not designed to educate us on how to do that. It’s designed to make us dependant, not free. It is run by money and greed, not love and kindness. Which is why I am choosing a different path.

I’m choosing to educate myself, to learn how to support and empower myself. To learn how to show up for myself every single day and truly live out of love and not fear. I’m choosing an empowered life and to follow my heart, my values more than someone else.

And maybe I’m not the only one choosing this path. Maybe you’re ready to change too? If so, I will share my journey with you. I will share all that I learn, all that I fail and all that has supported me, and I hope you will too. Maybe we don’t have to walk this path alone, maybe we can walk together, grow together and love together.

This journey will take a lifetime, but I can’t imagine a life better lived.