How One Week on an Island Changed Me


Lately life has been showing up with empowering lessons and I have been listening. There is so much power in becoming awake to life, dissolving the resistance and control, and embracing our lessons as if they were a priceless gift.

Earlier this year Ian booked a little winter getaway to Pangkor Laut Resort and to be honest I wasn’t too fussed about going. The first half of the year had been so incredible I didn’t feel the need to ‘escape life’. I had dreamt of the day that my business would grant me this happiness, and that day had finally come, so why would I want to press pause? Well, a week on a small island off the coast of Malaysia showed me why. Sometimes we need to step back from our day to day to clearly see if we are still on the right path. The very fact that I rejected the idea of rest, simply because I wasn’t yet ‘burnt out’ was enough of a warning sign.

When I think about my dream future I see myself living a slow and mindful life with a little family, surrounded by nature, with a goat and cow or two. My happiest visions are waking up with the sun, embarking on adventures, cuddling my babies, collecting moss, reading more and being still. I envision myself bursting with joy, happiness and contentment from the simple every day moments. Our little winter escape gifted us the experience of finding this bliss in living simply and this made me realise how misaligned my daily actions have actually been. How can I expect to ever feel contentment in being still if I never stop? How can I value life’s little moments when my happiness is so depended on my work’s success? Will I ever have time to live slowly, to read books and discover new places if I keep believing that “I don’t have time”. If I continue to nurture the wrong habits, how I can ever expect to live that dream life?

I spent some time journaling and reflecting on our time on the island, and truly listened to the messages hidden in the moments that made me feel so content. Surprisingly what I discovered had nothing to do with the resort itself. Too often we believe it’s easy to be happy on holiday but real life is different and we flood our minds with excuses and reasons why we can’t be. For that restful week, every day was filled with simple, blissful moments that I had always dreamt of experiencing!


Spent all our days in nature

We walked slowly absorbing the breathtaking nature that surrounded us, chatted to the majestic birds that joined us for breakfast every day and watched monkeys play in the hundred year old trees. As the sun went down tiny birds swooped in the pool catching little bugs for their supper, and others with feathers coloured green camouflaged in between the blades of grass. We watched lizards exploring, collected dried leaves, swam for hours and hours in the gentle warm sea, and watched the sun set together every single night.

More being and less doing.

With nothing to do, no where to be, we surrendered to the present moment more and more each day. Our minds were rested and still, gifting us the ability to become absorbed in the feeling of each moment.

Surrounded by inspiring & recharging environments.

Every element of the island has been so intentionally created to inspire you to relax and enjoy every moment. The lemon essence in the rooms, the gentle music floating in the air, the dimmed, warm lighting and the celebration of nature around every corner became daily invitations to relax and simply feel good.

Expressed gratitude multiple times a day.

Without fail every single day we couldn’t help but express how grateful we were to be in this paradise and we connected over loving conversations.

Welcomed new experiences.

For breakfast we broke the mould and ate roti break with our hands, dipped in various types of curries and dahls. I overcame my lingering fear of the ocean by jumped off a rock into the unknown, snorkelled even tried paddled boarding.

Experienced fun, love, connection and joy every day.

We cuddled, joked, laughed, explored, held each other, played tennis, swam and genuinely felt so excited to spend every moment having fun and enjoying life together.

Prioritised rest, relaxation, emotional and physical wellbeing every day.

With so many wellness activities available and an award winning day spa, we were inspired to look after ourselves with relaxing massages, meditation, yoga, morning visits to the gym and welcomed restful moments throughout the day.

Embraced slow living and being present at every moment.

There were no other expectations apart from enjoying the moment we were in. Taking in what we can see, feel, taste, smell and hear. I sipped my coffee slowly, strolled mindfully taking in all that I could feel and allowed the day to unfold with no expectations, no to dos and no schedule.

Kindly and joyfully connected with strangers every day.

I never imagined the impact of a smile and a kind “good morning” would be so deep. Every single time we walked past anyone they greeted us with the warmest hello and the biggest smile. Their gentle and caring energy was life changing. Their actions and attention to detail to ensure our experience is happy and comfortable was so impressive. It inspired me to act the same towards others.

My heart bursts with gratitude for these little life changing experiences. They taught me so much about myself and gave me an insight of how powerful living a slow and mindful life truly is. They reminded me to be conscious of the foundation I am building for my future family and which values and mindsets I will be teaching them through the way I choose to live. So with these anchors in place, I am embracing my growth chapter in life and begin to explore how those blissful moments could be weaved into our every day to cultivate so much more love, joy and contentment in our life. 

Teodora Tinc