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I believe in creating photographs that hold the magic you feel inside your heart


Hello! I’m Teo

I’d firstly love to share a little story…

On a perfect, cold spring day in 2018, in the middle of farmland in Daylesford, surrounded by loved ones, I married my best friend. It was the best day of my life! It was also the first time I experienced and understood the true value of wedding photographs.

They are so much more than beautiful poses and pretty effects. They reflect who we are and who we love most. And I believe they deserve to be captured authentically and uninterrupted, so that the memory is less about the photo-taking and more about the moment shared with loved ones.


If you plan to create epic, joy filled, loved up memories with your lover and your tribe, you WILL have the most incredible wedding photos!

Simply because the best photos are the ones that take you back to your favourite moments in time.

as a wedding storyteller I give you the space to be your natural selves and capture the memories as they naturally unfold.

Epic photo of Ian and I on our wedding day by Dan O'Day

Epic photo of Ian and I on our wedding day by Dan O'Day



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your photographer becomes part of your wedding day memory

And I for one would love to be a friend that effortlessly blends in with your tribe, joins in the cray fun and captures the perfectly unposed, meaningful moments of connection.




Kind Words

We had the honour of having Teo at our wedding and she was amazing! Her efficient communication and willingness to meet us at our venue before our big day to scout locations really helped me to develop a vision for my wedding photos and feel in control and relaxed on my wedding day.

Teo was so helpful with answering questions and replying to emails, that she honestly became more of a friend than a wedding supplier.

The stunning photographs tell the story and bring back every feeling from our wedding day and we look at them feeling happiness, laughter and tears. Teo is truly talented and captured everything we could of asked for and so much more!

Thank you so much!

Jaclyn and Matt

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 Love Sessions

celebrating your engagement chapter

There is no other life milestone quite so unique as the Engagement Season. It’s a chapter in life overflowing with love, excitement, dreams, butterflies and anticipation. It’s a beautifully temporary moment that can truly flash before your eyes without even noticing. Which is why I am so passionate about celebrating this special chapter to remember the beginning of your journey together and celebrate your story.

I encourage you to take a moment, in amongst all the planning and dreaming, to pause life and reflect on your journey so far. Let’s plan an adventure that capture your hearts and reflects your true love story. Every element of the Love Sessions is personalised and meaningful. We might embark on an adventure to the exact location where the proposal took place, or we could capture a sweet story of your life in the home you share today.

And, as the cherry on top, having a little extra practice in front of a camera before the wedding day ensures you will fell so much more relaxed and free to be your most authentic self!


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 Investing in your memories goes beyond hiring someone with a camera.

They become part of your wedding day experience and even a friend. 

I put my heart and soul into every part of the service I offer, from the moment we say hello to every anniversary to come.